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Meet The Team

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Yoga & Pilates Teacher

Vanessa Mitchell

"I am passionate about moving your body for health. I can see how my 30+ years of yoga practice and more recently Pilates have kept me supple and strong and calm in the midst of life’s crazy curve balls. I want to share with others the opportunity to better their physical, emotional and mental health through practices that will support you for life."

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    Yoga Teacher

    Danielle Barker

    "I love to teach because we never see our own full potential. It brings me so much joy to see the potential in others and watch them blossom into that."

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      Pilates Teacher

      April Skerl

      "My classes root from classical teaching and laying to contemporary style flow to suit the strengths of the clients. This giving a slow burn and exercising in a way that will leave you feeling it the next day. My goal is to have clients leaving stronger, positive, more confident in how they move their bodies and in pilates."

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        Yoga Teacher

        Ari Hunter

        "It's in retrospect that I realise that I have always been a teacher. I would often teach the neighbourhood kids to do handstands or martial arts moves or something. It's my path of least resistance. To be of service. To share that which has continually inspired and evolved through me. It is a blessing"

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          Yoga Teacher

          Raj Barker

          "Yoga along with movement in general has supported me through my most challenging times. It's a profound joy to support others in their process and to provide space for people to move and breathe in any way the moment is requesting of them."

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            Pilates Teacher

            Adam Cooper

            Adam has a wealth of experience working with clients from all ages and abilities. His classes will include the key Pilates alignment principles, alongside strength and conditioning, for a full body workout experience.. Adam has worked with many clients ranging from fat loss, pre and post rehabilitation and sports specific.
            Adam’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious, as are his classes. You will feel physically, mentally challenged and supported every inch of the way.

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              Yoga & Pilates Teacher

              Tori King

              "My classes are playful and spicy, dynamic and creative. I love a good burn, a fun and light hearted atmosphere and to create an environment where everyone feels safe and supported while also testing their limits & getting them out of their comfort zone."

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                Yoga & Pilates Teacher

                Christie Preston

                "I can’t not teach!! It is part of what makes my soul SO happy. I love working with students and learning so much from them myself. This profession has been the gift that keeps on giving in my life and I’m most grateful for it."

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                  Yoga Teacher

                  Max Gencher

                  Each class is an integrated approach to wellness; mind, body and spirit. Yogis can expect a slow build towards strength and flexibility peaks while each class engages breath, meditation and movement for balance and restored vitality.

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                    Pilates Teacher

                    Ella Kauter

                    "I teach because I love giving people one hour of their day just to focus on themselves and movement. Pilates is the best movement practise and I love watching people turn coming to pilates into their lifestyle."

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                      Pilates Teacher

                      Daniela Azambullo

                      "A challenging full body workout where I like to explore a range of possibilities on and around the reformer, think playful, flowy, and fun."

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                        Pilates Teacher

                        Robynne Grace Henry

                        "When you come to my classes expect a slow tempo, beat by beat instruction and personal attention to detail."

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                          Yoga Teacher

                          Rachel McGinty

                          "I am passionate about guiding students on a journey of self-discovery through movement and bodily awareness. My teaching style is rooted in a deep appreciation for mobility and alignment, two pillars that build strong and open bodies. With a focus on fluidity and grace, I strive to create classes that not only challenge the body but also nurture the spirit. Through mindful breath work and precise alignment cues, I aim to help Yogis find balance, strength, and flexibility both on and off the mat."

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                            Pilates Teacher

                            Secelea Rose

                            "I will give you a dynamic, challenging, fun workout."

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                              Pilates Teacher

                              Eloise Edwards

                              "I aim to empower my clients to feel their best, both mentally and physically and hope that they use my class as a time purely for themselves and what they need in that moment; whether that be a challenging sweat sesh, strength training & injury management or just tuning out to a fabulous playlist. All I hope is that people leave my class feeling lighter and happier than they did when they entered and proud of their amazing bodies!"

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                                Pilate Teacher

                                Tom Conroy

                                "My classes are all about getting you leaving the studio feeling stronger, and ready to take on the world. I believe that Pilates is for all bodies, and that any body can find flow, stretch, and strength from using the reformer. Expect good tunes, a good workout, and a full body journey around your machine."

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                                  Yoga Teacher

                                  Rebecca Ratcliff

                                  "Teaching yoga has been one of the greatest joys of my life. To find and create a sense of community, weaving a tapestry of connection in a world that wants us to believe we are separate, fuels my spirit. It is my humblest hope to help create a space where love is the centre of our being and we can move in a way to find more freedom in our body, mind and spirits."

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                                    Yoga Teacher

                                    Courtney Luffman

                                    "I experienced the transformative nature of a meditation, mindful movement and breath focussed practice. These techniques offered through yoga are simple and accessible to each and everyone, they have profoundly changed how I engage in the world. I wanted to share and support others find their own sense of security, connection and a balanced life through yoga."

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                                      Pilates Teacher

                                      Aneta Bachanova

                                      "I love to move, and love to create fun and challenging classes, to improve people's postures."

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                                        Pilates Teacher

                                        Kiara Fung

                                        "I’m passionate about health and well-being. Physical fitness is an important part of holistic wellness."

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                                          Yoga Teacher

                                          Danielle Coulibaly

                                          "My goal is to empower students through dynamic and playful movement. My classes are designed to increase strength & flexibility of body AND mind creating a pathway to strong, unique & progressive peak pose sequences."

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                                            Yoga Teacher

                                            Bianca Scott

                                            "I love creating an environment for students to use practice as a means for self inquiry, healing, and growth. Classes with me can be strong and challenging at times, and also deeply relaxing. No matter the teaching, classes will always have a big emphasis on cueing breath and alignment - moving through postures that will thoughtfully open you up to a peak. With an abundance of care and a sprinkle of humour, with me, laughter and learning go hand in hand."

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                                              Pilates Teacher

                                              Bryony Corbett

                                              "My favourite thing to do (after a gorgeous pilates class) is a long coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte with a fab podcast and a delicious iced almond latte. In my classes, I concentrate a lot on form, I am also very hands-on. The outcome of an exercise executed in a slower, more controlled but correct position is 100% more effective than a rushed, fast-paced exercise with high reps."

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                                                Yoga Teacher

                                                Morgane Stroobant

                                                "As a dedicated bodyworker and sound healing practitioner, I am here to hold a safe space for healing, to facilitate awakening, to share my expertise and gifts in order to be supporting clients on their personal journey to rediscover the profound connection to their essence in a nurturing environment.

                                                When not working, you will find me down at the beach for sunrise swims, and exploring the culinary scene in Sydney as well travelling the country and the world."

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                                                  Pilates Teacher

                                                  Bianca Bradey

                                                  Bianca’s dynamic teaching style infuses each session with fun and positivity, ensuring that everyone leaves feeling empowered and energized. With a special love for that booty burn!

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                                                    Yoga Teacher

                                                    Roxanne Wentworth

                                                    With 1000's of hours of formal training under her belt, and an international teaching resume, Roxanne teaches a strong, dynamic class with emphasis on breath awareness, attention to detail and alignment. As a former dancer and someone passionate about sequencing and anatomy, Roxanne draws from many different movement styles to create fun, inspired and challenging classes that encourage students to go beyond their perceived limitations. Expect some killer playlists, too.

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                                                      Yoga & Pilates Teacher

                                                      Johnson Chong

                                                      "My classes will challenge your edges for the purpose of helping you grow beyond who you thought you were. You will leave all your inner road blocks on the mat in a pool of sweat, and feel stronger, more flexible and freer."

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                                                        Yoga Teacher

                                                        Bevan Pfeiffer

                                                        "You can expect a class that is dynamic and challenging. I like to blend the traditional elements of ashtanga, modern vinyasa and contemporary movement styles."

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                                                          Pilates Teacher

                                                          Courtenay Perks

                                                          "My classes are super challenging with a focus on Pilates and strength training, with a touch of yoga. Alignment is an important part of the classes, yet everyone is welcome and all levels catered for. Mistakes are also part of the game, so you are encouraged to have fun and not take yourself too seriously, and let your practice develop in its own time."

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                                                            Pilates Teacher

                                                            Paula Astrinos

                                                            "I am literally obsessed with educating people on how positive an impact movement is for ones mental & physical health!"

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                                                              Pilate Teacher

                                                              Pampa Escalante

                                                              "My classes are often described as both challenging and fun! Expect a dynamic sequence with numerous variations for each exercise, making them adaptable to all fitness levels. I design my classes to target every muscle group, ensuring you leave feeling balanced and energised. I pay close attention to form and provide support throughout the session to address any concerns. And, of course, all this is accompanied by banging playlists!"

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