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Easy ways to beat Adrenal Fatigue

 “Low Kidney energy occurs when we are not living the fullness of who we truly are and are holding back from engaging fully with life. The expression ‘I am not feeling myself’ means exactly that – you have disconnected from your innate sense of self, love and truth, your inner harmony, joy and purpose and have withdrawn from your life and relationships” explains psychotherapist Jean Gamble Common indications of low kidney energy include:
  1. feeling unable to cope with the small things in life

  2. feeling tired for no reason

  3. trouble getting up in the morning – even after enough sleep

  4. feeling run-down or overwhelmed

  5. difficulty bouncing back from stress or illness

  6. craving salty and sweet snacks, coffee or energy drinks

  7. feeling more alert and awake in the evenings than in the mornings

  8. weight gain

  9. low libido

  10. low blood pressure

  11. dizziness when getting up

  12. feeling that life is meaningless From a western medical perspective, a chemical known as Cortisol is often responsible for sending us into a downward spiral. Meet Cortisol Cortisol is produced from cholesterol in the two adrenal glands located on top of each kidney and its far-reaching, systemic effects play pivotal roles supporting the body’s effort to carry out a multitude of processes and to maintain homeostasis. For example, cortisol is released in response to such things as waking up in the morning, exercising, acute stress and when it is used to create the fight or flight response. Cortisol and Stress The Fight or Flight response is a much-needed survival mechanism and when used short term the body can eventually recover and restore homeostasis. However, high levels of cortisol in the long term are incredibly destructive, impacting everything from our weight to our heart health.  It evens impacts the rate at which we age! Everyone knows that the demands of modern day life can cause all manner of stresses and anxieties on us if we don't maintain balance.  Living under a constant bombardment of stress can lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety, to hopelessness and even along a downward spiral to depression. Most of us have experienced this at some point in our lives, some more intensely and some more often than others. Don't stress the good news is here … We can’t always avoid stressful moments in our lives but we do have a choice about how we navigate them. There are some beautiful, healing therapies that can provide profound support in times of stress. Studies show that Massage Therapy can reduce cortisol levels by 31% and reverse the ill effects experienced by so many.  Massage therapy has also been proven to be a great support for our general wellbeing and for people suffering with depression by helping to raise both our serotonin and dopamine levels. Aside from obvious benefits of feeling amazing, massage increases blood flood, thus enhancing your immune system and flushing blood and toxins from the body. To restore your adrenals on an energetic level, Esoteric Massage can be transformative.  This gentle, painless and deeply nurturing experience works to heal ingrained energetic disharmony, boost your kidney energy and restore your connection to yourself.  Esoteric Massage is a profound way to rediscover your loving nature, inner joy, harmony and vitality. Life isn’t easy and we don’t have to everything on our own. To live in disconnection to the true 'you' is exhausting and can lead to depression, anxiety and adrenal fatigue (TheBlueDoveFoundation). Show compassion for yourself (and ultimately those around you) by getting the help you deserve. So, next time when you feel the cortisol rising, instead of reaching for the caffeine, treat yourself to an hour with a healing therapist. You won’t believe the transformation it brings. Introducing BodyMindBeing Wellness Centres... On 10th April, BodyMindLife will open its doors to a very special kind of Wellness Centre... BodyMindBeing is a sanctuary of truly holistic healing, where you can experience profound therapies like Esoteric Massage, Chakra Puncture & Energetic Facials along with more traditional modalities like Counselling, Chiropractic & Massage therapy. Whether you are focusing on a specific health issue, wanting to enhance your training performance, detox, de-stress, improve mental clarity, stabilise moods or simply want to boost your state of wellbeing, BodyMindBeing will lovingly create healing program especially FOR YOU.


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