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What happened after The Transformation Project!

Last month we completed a second round of The Transformation Project. It’s our take on a 30 day challenge and we created it to measure how our lives can change when we commit to our practice.

The rules of the project are simple. Participants aim to attend five yoga or Pilates classes each week, keep a daily journal and meditate for at least ten minutes a day.

We then track how each student is feeling over the project via an online tool which measures their levels of energy, sleep, stress and anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, purpose, satisfaction and happiness, and consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

Last time, participants reported an overall jump of 29% in their health and wellness following the project.

This year it seems yogi guru Pattabhi Jois wasn’t wrong when he said “practice and all is coming!”

On average, students reported that their mental and physical health improved by an amazing 36%.

Feelings of stress and anxiety saw the biggest impact with levels falling by 55% on average and self esteem improved by 50%. Sleep quality also went up by 25% and sense of purpose by 46%.

The number of coffees and alcohol units consumed over the the month dropped too. Caffeine consumption almost halved and standard alcoholic drinks fell by 41%..

For Lauren Mcalister, the challenge was a catalyst for change

“I was feeling a bit flat and like my life was in a rut. I’d had a succession of injuries and as I work in HR, I spend hours and hours each week in front of a screen.

“I’d changed by diet but I didn’t really know how to change how I was feeling or how to bring back that strength and wellness in my body. I’m not a ‘good yogi’ and I was coming to class around once a week before the challenge, sometimes even less.

She hoped to see and feel some sort of changes, though Lauren admits they weren’t what she expected.

“It was hard - life is so busy and it gets in the way. But I wanted to commit to something and I’ve ended up with an improved wellbeing score of 52% - so I guess I feel twice as good as when I started!

“I didn’t realise how much my practice would improve - I feel much more confident and flexible in class - and most of the pain I have been dealing with has gone. I’ve also got more motivation and clarity, and have learned how a few simple exercises like writing down what I’m grateful for can completely change my outlook on any day.”

The results overall:

Overall well-being increased by 36%

Feelings of stress and anxiety reduced by 55%

Energy levels increased by 41%

Sleep quality improved by 25%

Increased self-esteem by 50%

Sense of purpose increased by 46%

Positive interactions in relationships improved by 18%

Feeling satisfied with life increased by 33%Register your Interest


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