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What Mindfulness means to me...

Last month we unveiled a new Intro to Meditation course... and it sold out within 3 hours!

This proves that Mindfulness is very clearly on the minds of our community.  But what does it mean to be Mindful?

Here's what some of the BodyMindLife team think...

A poem on Mindfulness by Azra Mustafa Yoga Teacher

Cut the threads to 'doing' Let go for a moment, Of being a part of things. Watch the people around, Without participating. Let those that pass by, Just pass by. Let things be for a while. The secrets of the world unfold, When we simply observe.

Ari Levanael Yoga Teacher & ‘Boy of BodyMindLife’ “It’s about being fully conscious and present in the now. By training my mind to pay attention to what is occurring moment-to-moment it helps me to know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it Mindfulness is essentially about opening up my awareness to what is there so I can engage with it fully”

Dar Debrecen Membership Administrator & freelance energy healer “Mindfulness is knowing where and to what I am giving my attention. It’s the faculty of mind that alerts me when my attention moves from one object to another. Mindfulness also means ‘to not forget’ and outside of meditation this ‘not forgetting” refers to our intention, for example, to be present or kind to others”

Carla Sconce Pilates Teacher “Everyday I remind myself to be “mindful”. To be attentive to the present, I try to see every interaction as a sliding doors scenario – I can take this way, or that, but each path is valid and is part of my journey. I’ve always been a glass-half-full kind of person but as a controlling Virgo I have to consciously enjoy the present and not stress too much about future. Instead I choose to be excited by the possibility the future holds, and open to the twists, turns and roundabouts life throws my way”

Mandy Scotney General Manager & Yoga Teacher “I love this definition of Mindfulness by Russ Harris: “Paying attention with flexibility, openness, and curiosity”. It’s all about staying out of my head (something I am very prone to do!), being aware of my own reactions and keeping an open, non-judgmental mindspace towards myself and others. I don’t always succeed but I’m on the journey. Cultivating a mindfulness practice has made an enormously positive impact on my life – I’m so much calmer, happier and more content than I was in my life prior to yoga”


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