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Why BodyMindLife Potts Point is a breath of fresh air

Introducing the Potts Point ‘Prana-Hub’It’s no secret that Vinyasa yoga can get a bit stinky at times. And while sweating is a sign that we’re detoxing, it’s hard to feel cleansed when you’re blinking through the mist of 50 perspiring yogis. Now as we know, in the world of Yoga, the air we breathe is subtly linked to Prana, our life force: The better quality our breath = the better quality our life. Breathing well can literally transform your life. And here at BodyMindLife, we take transformation very seriously. Which is why we have transformed our newest studio in Potts Point into a state of the art 'Prana Hub'   Here you will find a yoga ambience like no other: you’ll feel warmed, you’ll feel energised and you’ll feel intense purification, right down to your deepest core. And the reason for this incredible experience?  It’s all down to the GQ/3 filters and Far Infra-Red heating system.  A unique, patented technology which essentially blends three of the most important natural elements: air, space & fire. Practise for an hour at Potts Pott and you’ll feel amazing inside and out.  Here’s why:

3 breathtaking benefits of BodyMindLife Potts Point

  1. The studio is negatively ionised. Why does that matter? Most indoor spaces (offices, gyms, many homes) are filled with positive ions, largely the result of technology. Too many positive ions and we get headaches, lack concentration and feel depressed.  Conversely, negative Ions are great for your health.  Charged with extra oxygen ions, they can be found at the ocean and near flowing, natural water…and they make us feel alive. Practising at BodyMindLife Potts Point will give you the same experience as practising on the beach.

  2. The air is sterile: Unlike most other heated yoga studios that get humid, sticky and harbor harmful bacteria, BodyMindLife Potts Point is sterile. The Far Infra-Red system has been proven to sterilise 99.9% of all bacteria and filters out any other nasties like hair and pollen.

  3. The studio ‘breathes’: The smart ventilation system senses how many people are practicing and self-adjusts to deliver more oxygen into the room. You’ll never get recycled air (just think how you feel on an aeroplane!) only 100% fresh and filtered air. So, if you’re in need of a breath of fresh air, head down to the Potts Point ‘Prana Hub’.


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