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Why we practice hot yoga

We practice heated yoga all year round at BodyMindLife.

The studios use a special infrared heating system that warms the room from to 26°C to 30°C.

Our founder Phil Goodwin explains why we do it… “Doing yoga in a hotter room has multiple benefits – and for many it seems like an extra efficient workout. “With the high level of toxins we’re all exposed to today, the more you can flush out through hydration and sweat, the better.” “Infrared heat helps the body get rid of toxins through the activation of the lymphatic system, and increases blood circulation, which supports our organs and glands. “Our studios use the same infrared heat as saunas, which have proven health benefits.” The heat can work to to enhance people’s immune systems, promote relaxation and address systems of chronic disease. It’s also a mental challenge. “The challenge and commitment required in hot yoga cultivates the practice of mindfulness, which we know is key to managing stress, anxiety and feeling a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness.” Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, sweating is an extremely detoxifying process. So, does that mean hot yoga better for you than regular yoga? “I don’t think regular yoga or hot yoga is better than the other, I think people are attracted to different things. Some people want results and want to feel challenged, so for hot yoga people really thrive on that challenge,” Phil says. “No matter the style you choose you’re still building muscle tone and strengthening and stretching your muscles.” Depending on the level of heat in the classes, Phil said some people find it easier to get into yoga poses in the heat, especially men who tend to be less flexible. “The key to doing it successfully is making sure you have good hydration, good nutrition and regular movement,” he said. “Life demands so much of us these days that we have to be at our best. If you’re operating at a less than optimal level, then everything in your life is impacted. “The commitment and challenge that comes from hot yoga can lead to huge personal growth off the mat – often how you deal with postures on the mat is how you deal with the challenges we have in life.”


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