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Energetic Bodywork (Zenthai Shiatsu, Reiki, Acupressure, MFR) as well as Sound Healing, Sound Baths, Kirtans, Retreats and Trainings.


I am honoured and privileged to serve as a yoga teacher, body worker, and sound healing practitioner driven by a profound desire to bring healing into people's lives, holding space for physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Teaching yoga is, for me, an immense labor of love. I hold a profound belief that nurturing the balance between the yin and yang aspects of yoga is essential for creating a sense of harmony within our bodies, minds, and souls, on and off the mat.


My classes are thoughtfully designed to be more than just a work out on the mat. They're intended to be moments of introspection, curiosity, engagement, fun and challenge, all woven together with the threads of compassion and inclusivity. My Vinyasa teaching is versatile, tailored to meet the needs of students at various levels, from beginners to more advanced practitioners resulting in mindful, creatively and kramically sequenced classes. I am passionate about exploring the nuances of subtle anatomy and energetics within the practice, which include the potency of breathwork, meditation, and nidra. Sound has always been a signature in my yoga classes, where you'll often find the enchanting resonance of mantras and the joy of live singing, creating moments of serenity through sound and vibration. Yin yoga and the intricate world of Traditional Chinese Medicine hold a special place in my heart. A special place for softening into the depth of the practice and move through the subtle layers with grace and compassion. And with a deep passion for Bhakti Yoga, I also embrace the practices of mantra. As a Kirtan leader, I am honoured to share the sacred practice of Bhakti Yoga and the soothing experience of sound baths as gateways to inner stillness.

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