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5 tips to change up your practice

Habits. They can be really helpful or take us away from the direction we’re trying to go.

Simply showing up for practice is an amazing goal for this year. As we’ve seen when we run activity such as our 28-day challenge The Transformation Project, when yoga or Pilates becomes a habit, change will happen. But sometimes when we just turn up for class, we can find ourselves mindlessly going through the motions and not really being present. And this means we’re not seeing as many benefits as we could. Sound familiar?

So how do you get the most from each time you set foot in the studio?

Get back to basicsEven our most experienced teachers drop in for Yoga Essentials and Pilates Align classes to refine what they know, and it’s said one of the world’s most respected teachers Maty Ezraty - teaches an entire workshop on how to do Downward Dog alone. Changing pace and adding foundational classes to your routine will not only improve your alignment and poise in practice, but challenge you to tune in and be more present in each movement.

Advance to flow or open classesWhile we’re all about the basics, if you’ve been sticking with Essentials and Align classes for a while now, it might be time to test what you know. Yoga Open and Pilates Flow are a more playful take on the practice, with stronger postures, options to advance and creative sequencing that’ll keep you guessing. They’re more challenging, sure, but they’ll take your practice to another level and there are always modifications or an invitation to pause if you need it. Still unsure? Chat with your teacher next time you’re in.

Bring a buddyResearch like this study from the University of Aberdeen tells us that when we work out with a friend, we’re more likely to show up and do our best in class. We’ve seen this time and time again in studio. You can bring two buddies for free each quarter at BodyMindLife. If they haven’t visited before get them to register online, tee up a date and let the front desk staff know which class you’d both like to come to. Then set an ongoing schedule so you’re both accountable.

Dive deeperYoga and Pilates workshops and masterclasses are a perfect way to change up what you know. There’s a huge line-up of events hosted by BodyMindLife teachers and we’ve got some of the world’s best instructors on route to the studio too, who will challenge and inspire you unlike you’ve ever experienced before. Of course, the ultimate next step is taking the leap with Yoga Teacher Training or Pilates Teacher Training. If it’s is calling you, come along to one of our free information evenings coming up and see what you think!

Be accountableA regular practice of Yoga and/or Pilates has been proven to increase levels of energy and sleep, decrease stress and anxiety, improve feelings of health, happiness and purpose, and support relationships and direction. The benefits are real, and life-changing. But good intentions are a dime a dozen in the new year, aren’t they? We’ve all been there. If you’re really ready to commit, find a timetable that works and put it in the diary, practice with a friend, or better yet challenge yourself and follow our tips to success.


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