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Annie Carpenter brings 'Moving through the Koshas' to Sydney

“ You will move through the ‘ Kosha’ s’ (layers of your ‘ self’ ) to mine the wisdom —and uncover any obstacles — to create the conditions for self -knowledge and lasting change. You’ll learn subtle anatomy and portals to each inner sheath and access the interpenetrating passages that both ground and elevate you and your students’ practices, and lives” Globally recognised as a ‘teacher of teachers’, Annie Carpenter has been practicing since the and teaching since the 90s. The self-confessed anatomy geek is a dedicated student of evolutionary movement, meditation and classical philosophy. Her teachings are described as ‘an intelligent marriage of mindful movement with compassionate, wakeful alignment The entire 3-day intensive costs $415 ($390 for members of BodyMindLife) or $85 per individual workshop ($75 for members). Tickets have just gone on sale and can be purchased online at

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