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At Home with Aimee Pedersen

At Home is a portrait series by photographer Chloe Paul, documenting BodyMindLife’s teachers in the spaces they have created to play and practice. We take a glimpse into their lives, investigate how they hold space for the community both virtually and within the physical structure of the studios, and ask them about the silly things they are missing under the current lockdown.

Join us as we tune in with Yoga teacher Aimee Pedersen.

Who are you/What do you teach?

I am Aimee Pedersen and I teach yoga at BodyMindLife. My focus, often/always is on the philosophy of yoga because that's what I love the most about the tradition. It helps me contemplate the first part of this question..."Who am I?”. That’s reason why most of us a re drawn to yoga – a disillusionment and confusion around who we actually are.

Why were you originally drawn to Yoga?

I wasn’t. They made me do it in drama school and I really hated it BUT over time I fell in in love with it. Yoga held me while I went through my first breakdown/breakthrough). It’s never let me down since.

How has your relationship with the practice changed?

I was very competitive at first. It was all about busting out the big moves. Then I got really sick for a few years and I couldn’t do what I once could. I still can’t. So it became a lot more about nourishing myself through movement, breath and mediation. That illness really changed me as a student and teacher. I let go of the performative habits and dropped into being healed everyday. It became less of an arena for punishment and self whipping, and more of a sanctum for well being.

Has your perception of home changed in the last few months?

Not really no. It’s always been and a place to rest and rejuvenate. The restrictions put into place because of COVID have been an extended version of what I often do there anyway. Rest. Have baths. Read books. Drink tea. And talk to my plants like a crazy person.

What do you love about what you do? The people

What does your home practice mean to you?

Time with self. The internal focus of home practice is just about everything. I need that support to step out the door and be in the world.

How do you feel when you’re in flow?

Like my whole body is smiling.

Any insights about yourself in isolation?

That I still have a lot of work to do! All the stuff that I usually, quite skilfully, side step through being busy and 'in the world' reared up. I had to lean on my earth angles a lot. But it was actually wonderful. Despite being so painful.

What are you listening to/reading?

Watching – Any ol' crap on Netflix and Stan. Reading – Yoga Body by Mark Singleton

Something silly you’ve missed?

I missed going to the gym at Bondi Icebergs and getting hit on in the sauna. That place is better than any dating app! Practice with Aimee live and online, and connect with her on instagram.

About Chloe Paul Chloe Paul is a portrait and social photographer from Sydney, Australia. Over the last decade, she has created imagery for Prada, Dior, Moet&Chandon, Burberry and Christian Louboutin. Her work has featured in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and Instyle. When not working with influential publications and high profile personalities, she can be found capturing the world on her Hassleblad.



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