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At Home with Andrew Hampson

At Home is a portrait series by photographer Chloe Paul, documenting BodyMindLife’s teachers in the spaces they have created to play and practice. We take a glimpse into their lives, investigate how they hold space for the community both virtually and within the physical structure of the studios, and ask them about the silly things they are missing under the current restrictions.

Join us as we tune in with Yoga teacher Andrew Hampson.

Who are you/What do you teach?

The names Andrew Hampson, don't wear it out. I teach vinyasa flow in small shorts and tell bad jokes.

Why were you originally drawn to Yoga?

I began practicing as a remedy to injuries I had incurred from years of rugby and surf boat rowing. After a rather short period of yoga practice, the shift in my physical ailments was so significant that I was officially converted. Two years later I undertook my first teacher training, quit my corporate day job and threw out my suits and, as they say, never looked back. That was 18 years ago.

Has your relationship with the practice changed over time?

It has become less about creating beautiful shapes and perfecting asanas, and more about functional movement that aligns and releases my body.

Has your perception of home changed in the last few months?

Home has always been my sanctuary, but that has been amplified over this period for sure. The importance of having a serene space to recharge in has never been more important.

What do you love about what you do? I love to connect with people and share with them the amazing health benefits of yoga – both mental and physical. Seeing my students bodies unfurl, their minds open and their lives change for the better is infinitely rewarding. My favourite yoga compliment recently was a new, rather older student who excitedly mentioned he could now reverse park his car pain free, without having to mentally prepare himself to swivel uncomfortably in his seat prior to looking over his shoulder.

What does your home practice mean to you?

It's a simple daily practice. I give my body what it needs whether that is a stronger flow that gets me sweating or a simple floor-based practice that releases accumulated tension. Some days it's the equivalent of hill sprints ... some days it's like a gentle, meandering stroll.

How do you feel when you’re in flow?

In tune.

What insights have you had about yourself in isolation?

That I'm resilient and adaptable. COVID shut down Australia on a Sunday evening. By Tuesday I was teaching live streamed classes globally from my lounge room via my website

What are you listening to/reading?

I watch, I read, I listen to things that inspire me and amuse me.

Watch: Netflix-wise who can go past reruns of Seinfeld?!

Read: I'm reading Riding the Elephant, a memoir by Craig Ferguson – the most charismatic man walking the planet.

Listen: The God that is Nick Cave. PS. If you roll your eyes, stop and investigate. The man is a chameleon and the epitome of a true artist. He's a walking, talking, singing national fucking treasure.

Something silly you’ve missed?

I've only missed the big stuff. The freedom of what life was like pre-Covid, and the ability to travel and adventure. Practice with Andrew live and online, and connect with him on instagram.

About Chloe Paul Chloe Paul is a portrait and social photographer from Sydney, Australia. Over the last decade, she has created imagery for Prada, Dior, Moet&Chandon, Burberry and Christian Louboutin. Her work has featured in Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and Instyle. When not working with influential publications and high profile personalities, she can be found capturing the world on her Hassleblad.



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