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Beloved vs Coyote?

This time of year always makes us think about love. Love for the long days of summer, for salty skin, messy hair, friends and family gathered together. But what do you do when you call for your beloved and are sent a coyote? Today we want to share with you a love story between two of our dear friends, Ana Forrest and José Calarco. Ana has been changing people’s lives with her raw and intense approach to yoga for over 40 years. Influenced by her studies with the late Pattabhi Jois, the godfather of Ashtanga; and BKS Iyengar, she rails against tradition, weaving Native American Indian healing philosophy - and her own experience with extreme personal trauma - into her teaching. Before coming to Australia earlier this year, Ana called to the spirits to bring her a beloved. When they sent her a coyote she realised she would have to be more specific. She called again - for a man and a connection with the traditional people and spirits of Australia. Ana stepped into the lift here at the studio. The doors opened to reveal José. Later that night she was ambushed by members of Descendance, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander dancers, healers and musicians who had come to celebrate the launch of her book, Fierce Medicine. Ana and José fell in love. She showed him her moves. He showed her his country. They joined forces and became twin flames. In January, Ana will be teaching a series of workshops. José, and members of Descendance, will join her to open the space with ceremonial blessings, intertwining traditional Indigenous music and dance, with her intensely physical practice. If your heart is searching for something deep, wild and true, this might be the place to find it.


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