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Chocolate Molten Brownie from The Fit Foodie

With a soft, gooey centre and crisp outer shell, this better-for-you cookie meets cake brownie is definitely high on the wholefood indulgence scale.  INGREDIENTS:

  1. 1/2 cup coconut oil melted

  2. 3/4 cup coconut sugar

  3. 1/2 tsp baking powder

  4. 1/4 tsp sea salt

  5. 1 cup spelt flour

  6. 3 tbsp almond meal

  7. 2 tbsp cacao powder

  8. 2 small eggs (or 4 tbsp of aquafaba)

  9. 1/2 cup finely grated zucchini

  10. 3/4 cup chocolate chips (sugar and/or dairy free as needed)

  11. 1/2 cup milk/mylk of choice

  12. Coconut yoghurt, to serve.METHOD:

  13. Preheat the oven to 180ºC.

  14. Mix together the coconut oil and coconut sugar, baking powder, salt, flours and cacao.

  15. Add the egg or aquafaba and zucchini, mixing to form a dough.

  16. Stir through half the chocolate chips.

  17. Add the milk a little at a time, until the dough begins to resemble batter, then pour into a baking dish.

  18. Bake for 20-30 minutes until only the entire pie has a bit of wobble when shaken.

  19. Remove and scatter with remaining chocolate chips, then dollop over coconut yoghurt.This amazing recipe was created by the talented Sally O’Neil, editor of The Fit Foodie. 

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