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'We help people live happier, healthier and longer’ BodyMindLife founder Phil Goodwin understands first-hand the innate effects yoga, meditation and transformational energy therapies have on those in high stress environments. Following a career in investment banking, he shares why he is so inspired by the results of Cryotherapy, My passion is about helping people be the best version of themselves. Yoga, Pilates and meditation can have a life-changing impact, and like these practices, I believe Cryotherapy and Far Infrared Sauna are the best modalities to deliver immediate, fast and effective results. When I was looking for Cryo and Sauna therapies a few years back, I couldn't believe that it wasn’t really an option to experience the treatments together. When combined, they really are the most incredible technique to quickly shift energy and heal. BodyMindLife was born from this style of thinking too. As we learned more about yoga, Pilates and meditation, we added these practices to our studios to share the benefits with our community. The launch of Cryotherapy and Far Infrared Sauna services is the same - we’re committed to give students the best of what’s available in alternative treatments around the world. If we are not innovating and growing as humans and as a business, then the law of atrophy applies. That keeps me constantly on my toes and excited for what the future brings! Contrast therapy is all about positively altering your energy state in as efficient a way as possible. It’s made for the busy. For those who suffer from feelings of stress and burn out due to work or their everyday lives. I personally had a past life as an investment banker and understand the pressures that can come with different careers. What’s important is being aware of these pressures and finding ways to rejuvenate and energise the body so that it performs at an optimal level in any given situation.

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