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Fee Zard: laidback, vibrant and a bit rebellious

Yoga Teacher Fee Zard has been immersed in the practice of mindful movement for over two decades, practicing as a gymnast and dancer before moving organically into yoga. Drawn to the laidback, vibrant and rebellious nature of Byron Bay she made the shift north six years ago. We tune in to Fee's joyful energy as she joins the BodyMindLife Byron Bay teaching team.

Practice with yoga teacher Fee at BodyMindLife Byron Bay

When and why did you make the move to Byron Bay?

I moved to Byron Bay six years ago with my former partner. We both wanted to live close to the ocean and be more connected with nature. Byron seemed like our vibe – laidback, vibrant and a bit rebellious.

What kept you here?

There are so many reasons but really the students and the community. I've been teaching here for a few years and it's a beautiful thing to witness someone’s journey. I also love being outdoors and Byron has so many incredible places to explore.

What do you love about the Byron community?

There is a good vibration up here. People tend to move more slowly and more consciously, there's a good work/life balance. People bring a joyful energy, dancing and singing, surfing and playing. It keeps the place feeling light, like you're always on holiday.

You were a gymnast, then a dancer before you started practising yoga. Why did you make the switch?

I turned to dance after being injured as a gymnast in my teens. The move from dance to yoga happened more organically. By the time I started teaching yoga it had become truly life changing for me. I realised it could help people beyond the physical. I became passionate about sharing the growth and experiences I had.

How do you feel when you practice?

Deeply connected to all of life. I lose myself in a bigger energy source. It is the gateway for me to experience more than what our sensory experience has to offer.

Your teaching is precise, purposeful, but still very fluid. What should people expect when they come to your classes at BodyMindLife Byron Bay?

I would love students entering my classes to try and have less expectations. That’s what yoga is really about. Less identification with the small, individual stuff.

I like them to enter the space with a clear intention of what they can bring into the practice, and connect their energy with the energy of everyone else in the room. This way we move as a unified force, which is so powerful. The content of the class is secondary to the quality of our presence.

My teaching changes with my own practice. I try to give my students some of the deeper experiences I’ve had in my own personal practice, and ask a lot of questions to invite them to inquire more deeply into their own experience and develop their internal focus.

You hold a Bachelor of Psychology. What mental or emotional impact do you think it has?

I find myself looking for the meaning and intention of things, how to recognise patterns and keep an overall picture in my mind. It was a crucial part of my training as a teacher.

You are joining the BodyMindLife Byron Bay teaching team for the new studio opening in April 2020. What’s your favourite part of what you do?

I love being a vehicle through which source can move. To be the container and to guide others is a privilege. Connecting everyones energy together in one space is a beautiful thing. Helping others and myself to get present. To wake up. It's a blessing.

How would you spend a perfect Byron Bay day?

A perfect day for me includes a coffee and a good breakfast (I make everything at home these days), meditation, a swim, lots of fruit, a practice, reading or listening to a podcast, and teaching I always enjoy.

Anything else we should know about you?

I’m actually really goofy and a big clown. I’m always laughing and trying my best to make others crack up too. Join yoga teacher Fee for yoga practice in our new studio in Byron Bay. 


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