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Five minutes with…. Kevin Privett

Describe yourself in three words…A thinker, relaxed and honest.

Tell us why you teach Pilates?Pilates gives people the freedom to complete other tasks in life with ease.

How do you start the day?On a good morning, I’ll read for half an hour outside, meditate for 20 minutes and take my pup Mona for a walk. Other days I simply stumble out of bed, walk Mona to the closest cafe and order a soy flat white with a dash of honey!

What's one thing students can do to improve their Pilates practice?Simple - Yin yoga. If Pilates students can do a Yin class at least once per week it would be make a huge improvement to their movements on the reformers. Pilates is designed to hug muscle to the bone, creating a stronger, more stable individual. Yin on the other hand is created to lengthen connective tissue. So the different practices fit hand and hand when practiced together. I’d also suggest barefoot beach walks. This will increase the strength and flexibility of the feet, ankles and lower legs.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?Inequality.

What can student expect in a class with you?I’m always learning new teaching methods and styles from the amazing Pilates teachers at BodyMindLife so my classes are always evolving. In saying this, I love to design Pilates sequence where one exercise rolls onto the next for a seamless flow that’s fun to do. I also tend to speak about functional anatomy in class and weave in breath work too, so students can experience a more mindful class which brightens up their neurological mind body pathways. Check out the timetable to drop in for the next Pilates session with Kevin!


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