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Thinking of becoming a Pilates Teacher? Meet our graduates!

Pilates Teacher Training at BodyMindLife is the best in Australia. Science-based and focused on practical teaching skills, our trainees are armed with an extensive library of exercises, and the knowledge and confidence they need to lead intelligent classes. Counting down to our first part time and full time trainings for 2022, we take a moment to check in with two recent graduates of our program and find out about their experience.Join our conversation with Joannie Lemay and Allana Frisken...

Why did you start practising Pilates?

Joannie: Having taught and practiced yoga and meditation for about 10 years now, I have always been attracted to Pilates for the strength it brought to me. My body feels not only supple but also a lot stronger when I include a regular Pilates practice in my schedule. Allana: I started practising Pilates due to a knee injury and subsequent operation. ––

What do you love about the practice?

Joannie: My favourite part of this practice is the combination of strength and mindfulness. It’s a workout that doesn’t leave you feeling depleted. I always walk away feeling rejuvenated and strong. Allana: I love everything about Pilates, it’s such a great workout and can be practised by everyone. It has so many health benefits and is also super fun! ––

What did you do before you became a Pilates teacher?

Joannie: My husband and I founded a company that brings yoga and meditation to the corporate world. We’ve then extended our offering by specialising in complete corporate wellbeing programs, focusing mainly on leadership coaching and mental health training. Although most of my time now is spent creating wellbeing programs, I am sill teaching yoga and meditation sessions for some of our clients. Allana: I did so many things prior to my Pilates career! I was an event manager, a floral stylist, a wedding planner and also a PA. I love learning new skills and I consider myself a life long learner. ––

Why did you choose to do Pilates Teacher Training at BodyMindLife?

Joannie: I have done other trainings at BodyMindLife. I’ve always been extremely satisfied with the level of knowledge and expertise that teachers have. I haven’t looked anywhere else to be honest, and when I saw there was a training coming up on their website that worked well with my schedule, I booked immediately. Allana: It fit in with my schedule and was a reputable name.


How did you feel going into the training?

Joannie: I was 12 weeks pregnant when the training started. I remember feeling super exciting to be moving my body mindfully and learning so much about the anatomy. I felt energised throughout the training. Allana: I was really excited but nervous going into the training.


What did you think of the curriculum?

Joannie: I appreciated that there were a mix of theory and practice. I thought that the way the program was structured over the whole training was great. Allana: It was thorough.


What did you enjoy most about the course?

Joannie: Considering I was pregnant, my favourite part was the pre and post natal section. It was fantastic to be pregnant whilst learning about the best way to support myself through this journey. Allana: Learning new skills and meeting new friends.


How did you feel at the end of the training?

Joannie: I felt ready and excited to teach! Allana: Exhausted but happy I did it.


What did you think of the support or mentoring you received during the program?

Joannie: I really feel like the support is ongoing, which is amazing. I have been extremely lucky to do all my observation hours with BML and to be part of such a great community. Allana: All the teachers were very different and gave a great teaching experience. ––

Any words of advice for someone who is considering signing up?

Joannie: If you love practicing pilates and want to learn more about your own body, this is a great course. If you have been teaching other healing modalities and wish to deepen your expertise, I highly recommend doing the training! Allana: Go for it!

BodyMindLife runs full-time and part-time reformer Pilates Teacher Training courses in Surry Hills, Sydney. Read more on the details and line-up of 2022 course dates here


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