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How to become a yoga teacher in Australia

“And suddenly you know: it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”

– Meister Eckhart

Are you ready to dive deep into your yoga practice and take the next step to become a yoga teacher? At BodyMindLife we’ve seen students from all walks of life choose to take the leap and learn more about the ancient practices that we know lead to health, happiness and peace in the mind, body and soul. One of the most common questions our teachers get asked is, “am I ready?’. And their answer is always yes. Our teacher training isn’t just for aspiring teachers and you don’t have to be able to do a handstand to sign up! The course is designed for yogis at all levels who want to advance their practice, learn how to teach with confidence and gain an understanding of yoga philosophy, and how to apply it in today’s modern world.

So, how do you become a yoga teacher in Australia? First you will need to complete a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. At BodyMindLife there are two course options that are accredited with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia, which will give you the certification to teach. You can take the plunge and live and breathe yoga for one month at our dedicated training studio in Surry Hills or choose a flexible program that involves a beautiful week-long immersion retreat in Byron Bay followed by a five month course with weekend intensives.

What can you expect from the yoga teacher training courses? With so much to learn in yoga, the best yoga teacher training programs cover a range of key topics and include teachings from experts in each specialist subject. In our training, you will learn from our most senior teachers at BodyMindLife and guest practitioners from around the world. Over the course you will:

  1. Advance your personal asana practice, mind-body connection and emotional resilience

  2. Learn classical alignment of yoga poses, including an in-depth understanding of asana and yogic technique

  3. Gain all the skills you need to teach others with confidence

  4. Create intelligent, fun and creative sequences and understand how to lead a class

  5. Understand the origins of yoga history and philosophy

  6. Learn breath and meditation techniques to help manage stress and anxiety

  7. Take a deep dive into yoga anatomy and physiology

  8. Get personal coaching, support and guidance from our most senior yoga teachers

  9. Be able to start your teaching career through our community classes and understanding of the business of yoga – including personal coaching from our founder Phil Goodwin on how to create your own private yoga business, and even start your own studio Interested in taking the next step? Read more at Teacher Training.


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