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Interview with Daniel Rama

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the incredible Daniel Rama, hailing all the way from the landscapes of Ontario! Daniel is not just a yoga teacher; he’s a true master, a beacon of wisdom, and a renowned educator in the yoga industry. His extensive knowledge and expertise are beyond compare, making him a luminary in the world of yoga.

Exclusively at BodyMindLife in July 2024, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to experience the magic of Daniel’s teachings firsthand. Mark your calendars and get ready to be captivated by the true essence of yoga.

We sit down with Rama for a quick chat on the mat ahead of his workshops at BodyMindLife.

Can you tell us a little about how you came to find yoga?

I came to Yoga at a time when my body was broken and I had no other options. After an injury, I was told by doctors that I would never be able to run again; and for a while I believed them. But after months in a darker place, I decided I would at least try to improve. That’s when I found yoga. Or rather, that’s when yoga found me.

And I should clarify that when I say “Yoga” I am referring to the practices of proper movement, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper nutrition and meditative techniques.

What did you do before teaching?

Before I began teaching Yoga, I was studying Kinesiology to become a physiotherapist and working at this time as both personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist.

What have you learned from the practice?

There are two main lessons this practice has taught me thus far: 1) I truly know nothing, and 2) I’ve learned, in the grand scheme, just how small I am.

Where has yoga taken you around the world?

I’ve traveled extensively for the last 11 years teaching international workshops, retreats and trainings in locations like Bali, Peru, Thailand, Egypt, Lebanon, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona and so on… But if I’m speaking honestly about where Yoga has taken me, it is the journey inward that has truly touched my soul.

How would you describe your teaching style?

My teaching style combines my background in functional anatomy with my experience of traditional, meditative Hatha Yoga. I offer a fusion of new and old techniques. To say it a different way, I aim to facilitate improvement for body, mind and soul.

What can students expect in a class with you?

Class with me tends to be balanced between effort and ease. I include classical elements such as Sanskrit invocation alongside challenging transitions and movement patterns. Participants will experience options to choose their own path and are encouraged to modify on their own as desired. For my classes, come as you are.

You're leading 5 incredible workshops in July! tell us what you are most excited for?

The new connections! I love teaching and serving up “Ah-ha!” moments, but what I really enjoy is connecting with likeminded human beings. 

Lastly, tell us three things you couldn't live without?

Food, sleep and breathing. Everything else is optional :)

Rama is set to lead 5 workshops at BodyMindLife this July! be sure to save your spot!


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