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Meet Byron Bay Studio Manager Rebecca Lockyer

Yoga and Pilates teacher Rebecca Lockyer knows when she's in her flow. Calm and energised, this mama of one draws inspiration from Byron Bay's small but fiercely creative community who have welcomed her with open arms.

When and why did you start practising yoga?

When I was teenager. I'd just been accepted into full time dance school, and needed to fix my posture. Even then I had an inkling that yoga would be part of my life forever.

What do you love about the practice?

Community, the opportunity for self enquiry, meditation – essential when you have a 3 year old, and the feeling of prana flowing through my body when I flow from one movement to the next. It's instinctual, an animal-like dance.

How do you feel about the opening of BodyMindLife Byron Bay?

Beyond excited! BodyMindLife is my Sydney family. I'm honoured to be part of the journey as they settle into Byron Bay.

Who should come to your classes? What might they experience/expect? Anyone who likes to flow and find a trance-like state. I am deeply inspired by the asana, dance, prana flow and Tantra, extending the movement and listening to the inner body. My goal is to create a natural progression from one movement to the next, so that we arrive with no idea of how we got there. I'll also be teaching reformer Pilates, which I'm very excited about. These classes are flowy, sweaty and fun!

How do you stay fresh and inspired? It used to be from teacher trainings, but that's been tricky in the last couple of years with my little one. I do a lot of self practice and meditation. I read, follow inspiring leaders on social media, and spend as much time as I can with friends and mentors. We also have some really amazing teachers in our community. I can't wait to get to their classes.

How do you feel when you're in your flow? Calm, energised and inspired. I know when I'm in the flow because I'm not striving. When I'm being effective and clear. Then usually something crazy will happen – in a good way!

Who are your teachers? Noelle Connolly, Simon Park, Maty Ezraty, and I just had the pleasure or training with Shiva Rea. I can’t wait to do more trainings with her.

What do you love about the Byron community? The Byron Community is amazing. It's small but fierce. A lot of creative people have come together here in the last few years, and there're so much love. Once you have shown your loyalty and community spirit you are welcomed with open arms.

What else we should know about you? I'll be at the studio most days and can't wait to share all that BML has to offer with the beautiful community here – especially women! If anyone wants to reach out with ideas, support, love, or wants to have a playdate, pop in and say hi!

Can you describe your perfect Byron Bay day? Meditation, coffee on my balcony, Byron markets, lunch time Yoga or Reformer Pilates class, random catch ups and hugs with friends. Afternoon vino with some beautiful girlfriends at Barrio.


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