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Where to brunch in The Shire

Because we’re as much about post-class eats in Kirrawee, as we are about yoga and Pilates. It’s been almost two months since we ventured from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and opened our first southern studio in Kirrawee. As we’re discovering, there’s a lot to love about this community hub. Aside from the plentiful spots to get out the paddleboard or go for a hike in the Royal National Park, we’ve found ourselves lingering in the neighbourhood for these pitstops: Blackwood Pantry Less than 20 minutes drive from the Kirrawee studio in Cronulla, this award-winning cafe has some of Sydney’s best coffee roasters paired with an all-day inventive menu. There’s the coconut hotcake with fresh blueberries and pomegranate, passionfruit curd and sliced coconut for sweet-tooths or for the miso avo with cashew butter on toast at breakfast, or stay for the home-made tagliatelle for lunch. Howling Forest Cafe A favourite of our Kirrawee manager Amy Gladwin. Come for the vegetarian breakfast bowl with black sesame, avocado, pine nuts and feta, stay for the lebanese fold flat bread or next level bacon and egg roll. Mr Paisley’s We’ll drive to Caringbah for the housemade almond milk smoothies alone. This health conscious eatery serves up salad bowls with the likes of roasted maple cauliflower, tamari seeds, quinoa and fresh greens, generous homemade burgers and elixirs - think beetroot lattes, or fresh carrot, apple, ginger and tumeric juice. d.Bowls Cronulla d.Bowls might just do the best acai bowls in Australia. Eduardo Kikko makes it the authentic Brazilian way - free from juices and sugars, and a sorbet-like consistency. Everything here is made in-house, from acai to the hand-ground peanut butter and crunchy GF + sugar-free granola toppings.


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