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Why every Yoga Teacher needs Therapy...

‘When I first met Paul, his anxiety was so intense, he was unable to visit the grocery store without descending into panic.  His chest was concave, representing the intense vulnerability he felt in his heart space. Through a combination of gentle heart openers, calming pranayama and mantra, Paul has literally opened to life.  Yoga Therapy hasn’t ‘fixed’ his anxiety, but what it has done, is given him the tools to take control of his symptoms.  And now whenever he has a panic attack, he doesn’t need me (or anyone else) – he can access the solution from within using Yogic tools’ Can you think of anything more empowering that that? So, how can you overcome your fears and prepare yourself so that you’re able to meet all of your students from a place of empathy – and offer a Yoga practice that is not only appropriate but therapeutic and spiritually nurturing? BodyMindLife’s Introduction to Yoga Therapy course has been specifically designed to help existing teachers forge a more holistic connection to their students.   It is led by Sarah Routhier and Jo Gates, a former physiotherapist who brings over 10 years teaching experience While you won’t be a qualified Yoga Therapist after completing this 50-hour course, you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Yoga Therapy and the confidence to meet whoever walks into your class. What you’ll gain:
  1. An understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of health and dis-ease

  2. A Yogic Toolkit for restoring balance in the body

  3. Specific therapeutic Asana, Pranayama & Meditation practices

  4. Real-life case studies of typical health conditions & imbalances

  5. Practical tips for structuring and tailoring both private and group yoga classes The Introduction to Yoga Therapy course runs over 6 days (2 weekends) commencing 30th June and costs $780.  It is just one of the Professional Development Modules offered at the BodyMindLife Teacher Training Academy.


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