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Yoga for Beginners Series with Mandy Scotney

Never stepped into a yoga room, or have but, for whatever reason, haven't been back? Join Mandy Scotney for a new four week online course created specifically for Beginners! Mandy Scotney is passionate about assisting beginners at the start of their yoga journey. With over 10 years teaching experience, her clear instruction and intelligent sequencing provide the building blocks for a safe and sustainable practice. Her new Yoga for Beginners series – starting 2pm May 9 – focuses on workshop-style classes that are fun to do at home, and will help you develop your practice safely and with confidence.

What will you learn?

  1. Why we practice yoga and the ritual of class

  2. Basic yoga postures and transitions

  3. How to find safe alignment

  4. Modifying postures to suit your body

  5. Feeling comfortable in the studio

  6. Getting ready for regular classes

  7. Connecting to the BodyMindLife community This is a gentle introduction to a life long practice, that will bring peace, calm and presence at a time when you need it the most. People of all fitness levels are welcome, and no experience is required.

Catch Yoga for Beginners at 2pm Saturdays – 9-30 May 2020. Jump onto the timetable to practice live, or access the classes for 7 days after they've aired in our video archive.


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