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Meet… Chelsey Cameron

Our head of Pilates Teacher Training on her fitness routine, switching careers from promoting the likes of Harry Potter and what students can expect in a Pilates TT at BodyMindLife.

When did you start practicing Pilates? What led you to begin? I started practicing Pilates in 2008 while living in London. At the time I was working full time in PR & Events and would always find time to add a Pilates class (or sometimes two!) into my day.

How has the practice impacted your body? Pilates has totally reshaped my body and my mind. In the 10 years I have been practicing Pilates I feel so much stronger without the ‘bulk’ which really is the beauty of Pilates. The ability to lengthen and strengthen the muscles of the body at the same time. I see and feel the difference in my strength, flexibility, mobility, balance and so much more. Pilates also has the capacity to encourage a mind body connection and when I’m practicing I am completely focussed on the body, allowing me to be totally present in the moment.

What led you to sign up for Pilates Teacher Training – what were you doing before? Prior to teaching Pilates I worked full time in PR & Events, predominantly in the Entertainment industry. I began my career at Channel Nine in Melbourne where I worked as an Associate Producer on a couple of TV shows before moving into their Publicity department. Following this I moved to London and worked at Warner Bros. where I was part of the movie promotions team working on films and premiers such as Harry Potter! Upon returning from London I discovered Pilates and, at that point in my life I was looking for a career change. My passion for Pilates had really grown and I ended up doing a Pilates course to become certified. I was lucky enough to get a full time teaching job straight away. That was six years ago and I haven’t looked back.

How does Pilates fit in with your fitness routine // what does a typical week of training look like for you? I try to make time for Pilates around my teaching and work schedule. I always love getting into another BodyMindLife instructor’s class however if they are full I take the opportunity after teaching to jump on the reformer and do my own practice. It’s usually the same as what I’ve taught my clients so I know exactly how they are feeling during class!

Is reformer Pilates better than Mat Pilates? What are the differences? It’s my opinion that one isn’t better than the other, nor is one harder than the other. While Mat Pilates works against gravity, using only bodyweight, the reformer adds resistance to the the exercise sequence. Due to the resistance and support provided by the reformer there is more variety in exercises. Reformer Pilates classes tend to have a faster pace and a focus on sequencing and flow whereas Mat Pilates classes may move at a slightly slower pace, which doesn’t necessarily mean easier! Both provide similar benefits in strength, stability and flexibility for the body.

Tell us about Pilates Teacher Training at BodyMindLife… what can students expect? At BodyMindLife we teach Reformer Pilates across all of our studios. Our instructors are trained by the best and each brings their own unique personality and style to classes. Our Teacher Training is about helping teachers find their unique voice, and finding the confidence to lead safe and effective movements in an encouraging, fun and nurturing environment. We teach with a progressive attitude towards the science and evidence based Pilates but also with a healthy respect and nod towards classical Pilates and Joseph Pilates Himself. We take the best of both worlds.

Who is your biggest Pilates inspo? Who do we need to follow? New York Pilates is always my go to for insta inspo! They are a cutting edge studio based in New York and are always posting great Pilates videos. Some other big names I love include Anula Maiberg, Lesly Logan, Courtney Miller, John Garey and Jenna Zaffino.

In your career, training is part of how you make a living. How do you find ways to keep your workouts enjoyable, rather than feeling like a job? I’m constantly trying new and different exercises on the reformer to keep the classes fresh and exciting, both for my clients and also to teach them! In addition to this, I do try to get into other instructors classes. The teachers at BodyMindLife are so varied and talented, it’s such a pleasure to partake in any of their classes.

Quickfire questions…Number one Pilates essential: Pilates Ring and great music! Favourite pre/post workout snack: Basically anything if it includes peanut butter! Mantra/ Motto/ Words to live by: “Never worry about the things you cannot change” (said by my mum xx) Stretching or strengthening? Both please... Morning workout or evening training? I’m definitely a morning gal City or Nature? Nature After a workout I feel: invigorated. Self-expression means: living your truth. I teach Pilates to: empower others through movement. Photo credit: Lyndon Marceau @marceauphotography

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